The Lowdown

Exposure: Show ‘Em Your Laundry

When attention is currency, everyone is chasing exposure.And yet, for many of us, hitting the publish button leaves us feeling downright vulnerable.There we are, out in the world, showing off our laundry. We imagine ourselves blinking in the hot lights, straining to...

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The Simple Power in a Life Story

What did you want to be when you grew up?

There’s a story in that.

Maybe you’re still wondering. (I want to be Judi Dench when I grow up. Well. Judi Dench as M in the James Bond movies.)

That’s how a story begins. Make a simple statement, about something that matters to you. Or something that delights you. Then elaborate.

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Write Smart: Say What You Mean

You know the feeling: mere minutes after you emerge from an uncomfortable situation the perfect reply pops into your head. If only you could rewind and deliver that stellar bit of insight. If only you’d been able to seize the chance to say what you mean.

Discomfort can trip you up when you’re face to face. It doesn’t matter if it’s a business situation you’re unsure of, or that person you’d really like to connect with. You get jittery and the moment is lost.

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Customers Buy Ideas First: Know What You Sell

There are a bunch of things that have to happen before a customer slaps their money on the table. You already know that: you’re a customer, too. But you may not have considered this: you buy ideas first. Then you pull out your credit card.

Right after you say “I want . . . ” Or “I need . . . ” your mind begins to create a picture.

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