Why Your Copywriter Doesn’t Have to Agree with You

What do you want when you hire a copywriter or content writer? Someone to make you look good, yes? Sure. Easy answer.

Here’s a tougher question: do you expect the writer you hire to agree with everything you say? If that answer is also yes, you might want to reconsider.

Any copywriter worth their proverbial salt is as invested in the success of your marketing campaign, and your business, as you are. Not just because your success makes them look good, and not just because they (that is, we) are committed to the craft of writing.

There’s more to great copywriting than shaping words into compelling messages. There’s also the art and science of marketing. Anyone you hire to help with marketing or branding has to understand your business. They have to understand what makes you tick, and what makes your customers stop and take a second look.

Copywriting is part of that picture. Great copywriters need objectivity and perspective. The message that hits the screen or the page has to make connections in a matter of seconds.

There are mechanics involved here, too. Brain science that tells us about eye tracking and attention spans; trends in advertising and design that audiences respond to.

It’s about far more than words. Sometimes you have to accept that something you like, and might be attached to, won’t do the job. As uncomfortable as it may be, our personal preferences aren’t always the most effective way to connect with our audiences.

Smart designers understand the power of images and colour and layout. Smart copywriters understand how words work in that context.

The big picture, pun intended, and the small details have to work in concert.

Your copywriter’s job isn’t to agree with you. It’s to get your best message out into the world. When that relationship works, it’s a team effort. You provide the information, we fashion it into something with impact. Something memorable. Something that makes connection points with your audience, and turns readers into customers.

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