You’re committed to your business and dedicated to your craft.

You deserve to have that story told well, on the networks you choose.

Genuine, thoughtful communications make a memorable impression. Your brand story, told at its best, builds your reputation and inspires confidence.

Brand storytelling is about much more than “marketing”. The right message, crafted with care, helps you connect with your audience.

A smart marketing strategy matches your most natural communication style with the media and platforms that show you at your best. The right tools and tactics help you create a memorable and lasting impression.

Stacey Cornelius Communications SpecialistStacey Cornelius — Copywriter & Marketing Consultant
I hold a BFA from NSCAD University, and diplomas in information technology and graphic arts.

My professional experience includes retail (as a manager, consultant, and business owner), office administration, technical theatre, freelance web design, marketing, copywriting, content writing, and social media.

(I also know how to strip a roof down to the ceilings and replace the whole thing, but I don’t ever want to do that again so I’m not putting it on the list.)

I got into consulting about ten years ago, after starting a jewelry design business in 2005. I wanted focused marketing advice, but had a hard time finding experts who really understood my business or spoke my language.

It didn’t take long to realize I already had the core skills I needed from my previous work, so I built on those skills through research, and from working with customers in the business I owned.

When colleagues began asking for advice, I started a blog, which led to consulting, and presenting workshops for arts organizations in Atlantic Canada.

Like any business owner, I’m a lifelong learner, and I continue to share knowledge and information in an environment where technology moves fast and people like you and me need to be nimble.

It’s frustrating to see smart, talented people struggle with marketing, and I’m committed to helping creative, purpose-driven small and solo business owners grow their customer base while maintaining a sane work schedule — without breaking your budget. It’s about tools, tactics, and long-term strategy that helps you achieve your business goals.

I’m here to help you with marketing, social media, brand storytelling and brand-building. Get smart strategies and tactics, tailored to your creative or purpose-driven small business or solo professional practice.

You have a great story. Let’s tell it.


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