about StaceyHello there.
This is the place where we get to know each other better, to make sure we’re a good professional fit. Because that’s important.

Do you like deadlines? Good.

Are you committed to your mission and dedicated to your craft, and do you think about why those things matter? Even better.

A few vital statistics
I hold a BFA from NSCAD University and diplomas in information technology and graphic arts. My professional experience includes retail (as a manager, consultant, and business owner), office administration, technical theatre, freelance web design, marketing, and copywriting and content writing.

Skills learned and skills earned. All of it centered around presentation and communications.

(I also know how to strip a roof down to the ceilings, re-insulate, re-sheath and re-shingle, but I don’t ever want to do that again so I’m not putting it on the list.)

Here are a few other things I do well:

  • Explain complex concepts, turning them into relatable, human, even creative experiences
  • Distill a mission or message down to its essentials while maintaining its spirit and intent
  • Organize information and break down large projects into smaller, actionable steps
  • Tell compelling stories with words and images

Add in solid independent business experience
Running a successful independent business means you need to keep all the plates spinning, and you need to make smart investments with time, energy, and money. Sometimes that means doing things on your own, and sometimes it means calling in the pros.

I’ve been there. In the 1990s I co-founded and managed a fine art and craft co-op, established and ran my own shop, then in the early 2000s founded a jewelry design business, which was more successful than I ever imagined it would be.

And a good dose of perspective
You don’t need a million bucks to create a memorable message. You do need to know what business you’re really in, and how to effectively communicate that to your customers.

You need to know how to create connection points, and maintain relationships. You need to keep the everyday and the bigger picture in mind at the same time.

It’s tough to have perspective on your own work, and not easy to write about yourself. I can help with that.

In-house, offsite resources when you need them
My clients are currently in Canada and the US. Thanks to current technology, I’m able to work with people all over the English-speaking world (and colour with or without the U). From Halifax, across Canada, the USA and beyond.

I’ve spent a lot of time in front of people in a wide variety of situations. I know how to connect with customers, and how easy it can be to make them happy.

Sound good? Let’s get to work.

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