great marketing is no mystery

You just need to stand out in the crowd.

Compelling content and smart copy connects you with your best customers. But maybe you’re not a writer. Maybe you don’t have time to manage social media accounts. You know how important it is to get your message out, but you already have a pile of work on your desk. Your priority is taking care of business.

The Agency of Words helps you take your best stories—the why, how and right now of your business—and puts them together to create memorable experiences for your audience.

Great marketing engages customers and spurs action. Great copywriting turns prospects into customers. A smart, genuine voice draws people in. You have that voice. I can help you use it. Let’s get to work.


    How do you get great content? Hire a copywriter with the skills of a surgeon and heart of an assassin. And the keen eye and ear of a private detective. Web content, brochure copy, newsletters, editorial content and more.
    Does your web copy need a once-over? Do you need some fresh words before you do that new print run? The Agency can help with editing services that gets the right message in front of the right customers. Let’s do it.

    Need a smart social media strategy? Want help promoting an event or day-to-day social media communications management? No need fire up the Bat signal. Call the Agency. We’ll get your message out.

    Is your group or organization hungry for no-nonsense training and information on how to build better businesses?
    Hire an experienced presenter who creates smart, accessible content.
    Get the details here.

say it like you mean it.

let your business personality shine

Forget about playing it safe. You're better than average.

Forget about "thinking outside the box". Keep the box. Cut holes in it and make it into a fort, because your people think forts are cool. They'll love that fort and want to come hang out with you.

That's how you attract customers. Do and say what resonates. What's true to you and to them. That's where the magic lives.

Great copywriting and smart content show off your imagination. Your creative spark. Your purpose.

Your job is to show up at your best.

My job is to help you connect with your best customers. I'm Stacey Cornelius. I've been in the communications business, one way or another, for a long time. Here's my story.

“Great stories captivate your audience. They create connection points. It’s about more than just ‘content’. It’s about people.”

Reliable Sources

Stacey helped me with content and branding ideas when I first
started my blog a few years ago. She was incredibly helpful and
perceptive to my audience needs and provided great input on
how to get my message out effectively. I still use the tips and
guidelines she gave me and I highly recommend her services.


Rachel Mathews

Owner, Successful Garden Design

Stacey’s understanding of the intricacies of interactions on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram is invaluable to my work with the Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council, Canadian Craft Federation, and as a volunteer for the Nova Scotia Printmakers. Her timely advice on having a common, approachable voice, and tweaking it for each platform has helped our non-profit organizations, and our membership engage with our community, stakeholders, and collectors effectively, even as the social media landscape changes by the minute.

Julie Rosvall

Julie Rosvall

Program Coordinator, Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council

I attended Stacey’s workshop and found it very useful. I was
so inspired that when I got home I immediately retooled my
social media presence to make it more user friendly. I also
revisited my marketing materials and added more content. I
hope she returns and offers another session!

Janet Peter

Professional artist; associate at Coastline Consultants

Stacey agreed to be a beta reader for my most successful book The Age of
the Platform
. In so doing, she gave me some valuable insights and feedback.
She has a knack for seeing important details while keeping an eye on the big
picture. I appreciate her no-BS approach, her sense of humor, and her respect
for the craft of writing—all the things you’d want in an editor.

Phil Simon

Phil Simon

Award-winning author and professor at Arizona State University

From the Case Files

print ad agency of words

Print Ad, The Craig Senior Living

The Challenge: Create ad copy for a new rehab facility, that resonated with both patients and family members. The directive from the client: "less is more".

The Strategy: Sell the benefits of the facility's programs and services, and draw their prospective client's attention to the end result. Read more

Web Copy, Tomato Graphics

The Challenge: Refresh and update text-heavy site and add new portfolio items. Research the client's clients to accurately describe the projects and effectively utilize SEO keywords.

The Strategy: Nothing replaces good old fashioned research, my friend. Research, and paying close attention to the client's voice. Read more

print article studio magazine

Print Article, Studio Magazine

The Challenge: The editor of Studio wanted a piece on marketing and survival. It couldn't be about how challenging marketing has become or a how-to article.

The Strategy: Make the piece personal and creative, drawing on skills readers already possess but may not be fully aware of. Read more

The Scoop

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your copywriter doesn't have to agree with you

Why Your Copywriter Doesn’t Have to Agree with You

What do you want when you hire a copywriter or content writer? Someone to make you look good, yes? Sure. Easy answer. Here’s a tougher question: do you expect the writer you hire to agree with everything you say? If that answer is also yes, you might want to reconsider. Any copywriter worth their proverbial […]

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Two Kinds of Marketing Stories

“Marketing stories” doesn’t necessarily mean a captivating tale that fits into a Once Upon a Time framework. It’s often something else entirely: a combination of words—in the case of print ads, very few words—and images that create a memorable experience. How you shape those elements depends on what you sell. Is it luxury? Safety? Fun? […]

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