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copywriting content writingStories light up the human brain. They help us find common ground and inspire us to do big, crazy things, like starting a business.

Stories help like-minded people connect. “This matters to me, too. I like the way you think.”

A strong brand story creates a rich narrative for your customers. It paints a picture where they can see themselves working with you, and feel mighty good about it.

Because the hero in a great brand story is your customer. You’re the person who helps them shine — you’re there with your experience and know-how so they can get where they want to be. 

Let’s tell your story.

“Stacey agreed to be a beta reader for my most successful book The Age of the Platform. In so doing, she gave me some valuable insights and feedback. She has a knack for seeing important details while keeping an eye on the big picture. I appreciate her no-BS approach, her sense of humor, and her respect for the craft of writing — all the things you’d want in an editor.”

Award-winning author, professor at Arizona State University

I help you tell your brand story so you can do what you’re best at — running your business.

  • Editing services: Newsletter, blog, social media content
  • Bio — including the dreaded About page
  • Mission statement — a.k.a. a next-level elevator pitch
  • Advice on your visuals: Enhance your message with the right images, colours, and fonts

Ready to begin? Have more questions? I’d love to talk with you. Fill out the form below to contact me with project details.

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