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website critiqueIs your website working as hard as it should?

Your About page, service offerings, gallery, or online shop, FAQ page, 404 page (really), contact information, menus, footer… They’re all important.

How easy is your site to navigate? How fast does it load? How many clicks get your visitors to where they want to be?

Have you covered search engine optimization (SEO) basics?

Your online home base is more important than ever. Make the most of your investment.

I’ll assess your website and give you a written report on what makes your site effective for your customers and what needs adjusting, with concrete suggestions on how to make your own changes. Done-for-you website services are also available.

Do you need an online shop and aren’t sure where to begin? I can help with that, too.

Get in touch by filling out the form below with your questions. Let’s make your website great!

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