There are no stupid questions

by | Business mindset

There are no stupid questions. If you don’t know something, you just haven’t learned it yet.

Being in business requires learning. You continually polish your skills, no matter what level of mastery you have in your chosen medium.

You need to learn new marketing tools and techniques, too. Sometimes that means learning to use technology you’re not familiar (or comfortable) with, and sometimes that can be intimidating.

It might feel like too much work.

And it’s uncomfortable to admit you’re unsure of yourself, especially when you’re a grownup. It’s embarrassing, struggling with something new.

Don’t beat yourself up.

Everyone starts from zero. We all emerge into the world as gurgling, wailing, squirming intake/output machines. None of us knows how to tie our shoes, or tell a story.

The most gifted prodigy needs to learn and to practice.

When we shy away from learning, we limit our potential for ourselves and our professional creative practices.

Stay curious. Keep asking. Keep learning.

Chase Clark on Unsplash