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Don’t be Guilty of Ransom Note Communications

I was complaining about a print newsletter published years ago by a local nonprofit. A different font for each section, and in different sizes. The thing was nearly unreadable. A designer friend nodded and said, “We used to call that ‘ransom note design’.” I get the...

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Why Your Copywriter Doesn’t Have to Agree with You

What do you want when you hire a copywriter or content writer? Someone to make you look good, yes? Sure. Easy answer.

Here’s a tougher question: do you expect the writer you hire to agree with everything you say? If that answer is also yes, you might want to reconsider.

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Two Kinds of Marketing Stories

“Marketing stories” doesn’t necessarily mean a captivating tale that fits into a Once Upon a Time framework. It’s often something else entirely: a combination of words—in the case of print ads, very few words—and images that create a memorable experience.

How you shape those elements depends on what you sell. Is it luxury? Safety? Fun? Prestige? Productivity?

You sell more than just a product or a service.

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