Special Projects — Get Your Message Out Beautifully

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You need a refresh on your WordPress website. The copy is stale, or you’ve pivoted your services, or you haven’t paid much attention to it — and it’s past time to refresh the look.

You have a fantastic blog post or video you know would make some amazing short pieces of content for your marketing — but you’re not sure how to get maximum impact for your efforts.

Or maybe you have some tech-related marketing thing jamming a stick in your spokes. Like setting up a newsletter you don’t have to recreate from scratch every. Single. Time.

I can help with that.

Get Tech + Marketing + Business Expertise

Finding someone to take care of a small project — someone smart, reliable, and who understands your business challenges — can be tough.

A lot of designers won’t go near small projects. You know that makes sense, but it doesn’t help you give your website an updated look, or help you set up your online course or newsletter.

Projects like these aren’t my bread-and-butter, so honestly, they’re kind of fun — with the right client.

I started building websites before WordPress existed (like, in the late 1990s). I don’t do back-end work like Javascript and PHP, but I know my way around WordPress. I built the site you’re visiting right now.

Here’s some of the tech I can help you with:

    • WordPress (Divi, Elementor, and the Block Editor)
    • Squarespace
    • Kajabi
    • Teachable
    • ConvertKit
    • Mailchimp
    • Airtable
    • Asana

And a bunch of other tools that help small business owners.

I’ve reserved a few spots in my calendar for small and solo business owners who need someone to make tech stuff happen, along with marketing and design expertise.

BTW, If you’re looking for an “assistant,” I’m not that. Think more along the lines of firing up the Bat Signal.

Small and Mighty for the Win

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If we haven’t met yet, I’m Stacey.

I have years of experience in small business and nonprofit marketing and operations. I’ve done everything from selling work boots (yes, really) to designing and building websites to designing and creating jewellery.

I’ve taught marketing, branding, and technology workshops since 2009, and have worked as an online business coach since 2018.

Kind, unpretentious, patriarchy-busting people are my jam. If you believe people should come first in business, we might just be a great match.

How to get started:

Send me a message or book a virtual 20-minute coffee chat to see how we can work together.

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