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“Stacey’s timely advice on having a common, approachable voice, and tweaking it for each platform has helped our non-profit organizations, and our membership engage with our community, stakeholders, and collectors effectively, even as the social media landscape changes by the minute.”

Smart, tailored marketing and social media strategy
Pick your networks. Create compelling messages — without hard-sell tactics. Connect with your best customers.

I make sure your work, price point, and communications channels align with your best customers to create a marketing or social media strategy that you can implement, complete with training if you need it, so you can create your own content with confidence.

Forget generic marketing. Be remarkable. Be you.

Fresh perspective and focus
It can be tough to market yourself. You might take your best skills and depth of expertise for granted. I help you bring all that to the forefront to get your marketing message out.

I work with you to establish strategies and tactics that resonate with your customers. I’ll help you create a plan that works with your business, communication style, work schedule, and budget.

Need a concentrated strategy session?
Get a focused consulting session for $275 CDN, which includes one-hour consulting session, recording, and a 20-minute follow-up call. Click here for details.

Have a bigger project?
Get in touch by filling out the form below and I’ll get back to you pronto.

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